View Full Version : Question about Bodog Bonuses

08-06-2005, 06:09 PM
How do I know when my deposit bonus has cleared? The money is in my account, but I have to wager it 3 times before I can withdraw right? How do I know when that's done?

Also, say I withdraw $600, then deposit in $1000 a month later, do I get the reload bonus on the whole $1000, or just the $400 extra?

Thanks, I'd email bodog, but then they'd know that I'm trying to BW.

08-06-2005, 07:50 PM
you could email them, they seem to encourage bonuswhoring from my talks with their CS. and their CS is top notch (mainly because its a sportsbook more than a poker room).

As for clearing the bonus you need to get 3 bonus boints for every dollar of bonus money. So if you got a 100 dollar bonus you will need 300 bonus points. You may start with some bonus points, but those points dont count towards the amount you need.

the players there are atroicious. so expect some bad beats.

Also great for tournament players to clear, but not so good for nl players. You basically have to play at the NL 400 tables to clear the bonus in a reasonable time. also note that the p layers at the NL 400 tables arent much better than the NL 50 tables at other site.