View Full Version : The raise on the flop with the flush draw

03-15-2003, 05:54 AM
Here is something I am thinking about, but I don't have the mathematical capabilities as some of the others out there. It's a pretty basic question.

Let say you are on the button with 10 /forums/images/icons/diamond.gif 9 /forums/images/icons/diamond.gif .

And limp in after 3 others in a 10 person holdem game, both blinds come along for the ride.

The flop is 8 /forums/images/icons/diamond.gif A /forums/images/icons/diamond.gif 4 /forums/images/icons/club.gif .

Basically your only outs here are diamonds so you are playing a 9 out hand.

Is it more profitable for you to raise here when it gets bet to you if you know there a good chance that it might get reraised again or should you just call?

The type of question I am asking is. Is it more profitable for me to reraise this type of flop with let's say an AQ, when i know the button is on a flush draw, or is it better to call and then lead into him when a non diamond card comes.

I'm confused. Please help.

03-15-2003, 09:00 AM
I probably wouldn't raise here because it's likely I don't have the best draw. Even if I were sure I had the best draw, if the pot gets reraised and no one calls the reraise, then I lose ev by raising. If only one player calls the reraise, I'd just break even since I'd be putting in 2 extra bets to win 4 so I'd be getting 2-1 which is exactly what the flush draw is worth. Only if 3 more bets go into the pot for every 1 I put in would I gain ev by raising, so it must be more likely that 2 people will call the reraise than that 0 people will call the reraise for my raise to gain ev, unless it is also possible that someone will call your raise and then fold for 1 more bet. If that many people call the reraise, I probably don't have the best draw. Raising in late position sometimes buys a free card on the turn, but a knowledgable ace will know what you are doing and lead at you on the turn anyway. An AQ can gain ev from the flush draws by reraising even if everyone else calls the reraise. The biggest flush draw will also gain ev from the reraise if everyone calls. However, if a flush draw bets into you heads-up when you hold a big ace, it is better to wait and raise him on the turn if the flush card doesn't come and you think he will bet again, because then you can raise a big bet and give him even worse pot odds with only 1 card to come.