View Full Version : Where's a good casino besides starluck?

08-01-2005, 09:11 PM
Well I'll add the fourth post here. I've done starluck bonuses but haven't done any other. Any ideas on another good casino bonus to whore?

08-01-2005, 09:15 PM
Planetluck, if you haven't already done so.
Otherwise, Casino-On-Net is pretty good if you avoid depositing via Neteller. 100% up to 200$, 10x deposit.

08-02-2005, 12:47 AM
Dont forget the cryptos:
Intercasino, will hill, totalbet ukbetting etc

08-02-2005, 01:00 AM
A post by "parttimepro" in the IG

I'm not entirely sure whether this post is appropriate. Since this is a poker site, I figure discussion of casinos won't step on anybody's toes. If discussion of outside sites is not kosher, mods please delete.

People are probably familiar with poker sites that give rakeback or a one-time bonus. What you might not know is that there are also referral sites that will pay you to sign up for online casinos. If you're going to play online casinos, either for the bonuses or because you're a degenerate gambler, there's no reason not to sign up through one of these sites.

There are 5 main sites that I'm aware of. They all feature a different set of casinos. Here's how they work:

Pays cash for each casino you sign up through.
Casino-on-Net: $50
Starluck: $30
Planetluck: $30
Fortune Room: $60
Golden Palace: $35
Challenge: $30

This site works on a referral basis. In order to get a prize, you need to refer other players to the site after you have done one casino yourself. (And far be it from me to post my affiliate code) If you can't find anyone to refer, every two casinos you do yourself count as one referral. They offer several prizes, which are featured on their front page. Most people will be interested in either the 1 referral prizes--an Ipod Shuffle or a Gameboy SP--or the 3 referrals for $200 via Paypal.
They offer a lot of casinos, but many of them are from the same group, so you can't get credit for all of them. Here are their casino offerings, sorted by group:
Blackjack Ballroom/Golden Tiger
Casino Tropez/Noble Poker/Vegas Red/Casino Del Rio/Casino Europa
Pacific Poker
Absolute Poker
Aztec Riches/Poker Metro/Challenge/Music Hall/Golden Reef
Paradise Poker

This works on the same referral model as allthis4free. They offer a $50 gift card at Best Buy, Amazon, etc. for 1 referral.
CD Poker
Pacific Poker
Paradise Poker
SportingBet Poker
Monaco Gold Casino
Blackjack Ballroom
Casino Tropez
Noble Poker

This is a huge site that offers referral bonuses for a lot of things besides gambling. Gambling bonuses are by far the most lucrative, though. After signing up for sites, you get points, which can be converted to dollars and other prizes. Doing one casino is worth about $50. One warning, though. I signed up for this, and I get about 4 emails a day with worthless crap offers from them. They'll go on my block list as soon as I get paid.
Their casino offerings are fairly limited.
7 Sultans, Royal Vegas, and Platinum Play are offered. These are all owned by the Fortune Lounge group, and it's not certain if you can get credit for more than one.

ECD is similar to bonusbonus.net in that it offers direct rewards without a referral system. They offer $60 in gift cards or other prizes for each sign up.
Poker Rewards
SuperVegas/Sporting Bet
Superior Poker
Absolute Poker
Royal Vegas/7 Sultans (Poker only)
Noble Poker
Golden Tiger
Poker Metro
Music Hall Casino
Bodog Poker

So, how can you maximize your profits? Let's assume you don't want to bother with referrals. If you don't do referrals, you need to do 7 casinos at allthis4free to get $200, which is $28 per casino. You need to do 3 at gamesgifts to get $50, or $17 per casino.

I would recommend this:
CoN: bonusbonus.net $50
SuperVegas: ecasinodeals.com $60
Starluck: bonusbonus.net $30
Planetluck: bonusbonus.net $30
Fortune Room: bonusbonus.net $60
7 Sultans: memolink.com $50
Platinum: memolink.com $50
Royal Vegas: memolink.com $50
Golden Palace: bonusbonus.net $35
Music Hall: ecasinodeals.com $60
Challenge: bonusbonus.net $30

Net: $565

It may be worth trading referrals to get credit for BJ ballroom, casino del rio, and monaco gold at at4f and gamegifts.

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