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03-10-2003, 04:00 PM
... and the new butcher of Baghdad has got to be licking his chops at the pending 300th execution in Texas coming up.

Remember in his debate with Gore how excited he got. His face twinged with that cocaine addict tick when he gleefuly talked about executing people. When the new butcher of Baghdad kills close to 300k next week, he won't need a wife. He might need a handkerchef to clean up his pants, though.

03-10-2003, 04:09 PM
I think that you are absolutely correct.

03-10-2003, 04:34 PM
well at bohemian grove where most of administration goes they publicly admit to a 'mock human sacrifice'.

note also that the remains of children have been found by authorities in those secluded woods.

hard to believe but true. just search for 'bohemian grove'

03-10-2003, 05:03 PM
I might get a little excited too putting some of these creeps away for goot:

Texas Death Row Website:


Executed Offenders


Death Row Residents:


Scheduled Executions:


Last recorded execution on web site was Richard Williams:

Crime Description from Rap Sheet:

Prior Prison Record

TDCJ #456587, received 7/14/87, Harris County, 10 years, burglary of a building, burglary of a railroad car, arson and aggravated sexual assault, discharged 2/28/97.

Summary of incident

On March 24, 2001, Williams carried out a contract killing of a 44-year-old black female in Houstonís Third Ward. The victim was stabbed repeatedly in the chest and throat with an 8-inch steak knife and her body left in the middle of the street. Bruce and Michelle Gilmore reportedly paid Williams $400 to commit the murder. In all, Williams was to receive $12,000 from the two accomplices.


After committing such a terrible crime Williams had the nerve to write the following as his last statement:

Hello to all:
Tonight I take my last walk as well breath in this world called Earth. I state that to show I'm not saddened or enjoied to see this moment. Because I leave behind alot of people that loved me, that believe I could had been that someone. If I been given a real chance in life instead of denial or incarceration everytime I was arrested for something the community believed I did. To be here on Texas death Row show all people that we people of American don't care about helping. This is about destroying lives to show they can kill, but they hide behind laws of American. I'm not disappointed of the system or nobody because this is how it's supposed to be. Texans was breed that way to live, think, act. But someone is mad that a system that's supposed to protect and uphold what is just and right, has shown it's just as crooked as I am said to be.
Now I lay here dead. But we have gave all Texans the sign that in some instances, and in some cases "KILLING IS ALRIGHT TO DO AS LONG IT'S FOR JUSTICE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE". So who win? No one do!
Ain't no such thing as a closure! Because we all still will remember who ain't here on them special detes, occasion's ect... So no victorious, heros and happiness. but in ALLAH's (GOD) eye justice is his, and we should cry out for his forgiveness. I leave with ALLAH's blessing as well mercy for my soul. I'm free now! Let me rest in peace.
Bro. D'Reehcer Ali Smaillii Muhammd.
(formely known as)
Richard Earl Head-Williams III


Disgusting that someone would condemn a system for showing no mercy and for killing him after he carrys out a contract killing repeatedly stabbing someone with an 8" steak knife in the throat and chest then leaving his victem in the middle of the street to die like some dog.

03-10-2003, 05:17 PM
Takes a big man to agree with himself.

Phat Mack
03-10-2003, 07:35 PM
It wasn't brought up in the last campaign, at least as far as I know, but the governership of Texas is largely a ceremonial position. It's primary duties consist of giving speeches at the openings of new legislatures and new shopping malls.

This is so because early in the last century the governor was caught selling pardons. The first act of the legislature was to set up a Board of Pardons and Paroles, removing that power from the governor. Bush was attacked for the number of executions in Texas, but he never explained that he had virtually nothing to do with them. I guess he didn't want people wonder about what it was, exactly, that he did do. (Eventually, most of the governor's powers were given to boards or to the most powerful politician, the Lt. Governor.)

03-11-2003, 03:50 PM
It must be terribly hard to be a Muslim in the US Navy these days. Your superiors probably believe that you have more loyalty to Osama and Saddam than the US flag. They might be right.

I'm glad that my job doesn't ask me to kill innocent people in the name of corporate profit.