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07-27-2005, 11:54 PM
i just got a new monitor so i can play 8 tables at once, and a new video card because my primary one only has one slot. i installed the driver for the new video card with no problem. however, the screen is blank. the solution that i've been reading is to select the secondary monitor icon on the settings tab of the display panel, but there is none!
what secondary monitor icon?
i'm on windows xp.

pleeeease help.

07-28-2005, 12:08 AM
read here (http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=2372874&page=0&view=expan ded&sb=5&o=2&fpart=1)

07-28-2005, 12:10 AM
yes i already did, but that gives the same advice that i'm having trouble with. /images/graemlins/confused.gif /images/graemlins/confused.gif

07-28-2005, 12:20 AM
I had a problem when I installed my 2nd card to support my 3rd monitor. What I did was change the pci slot the card was in and that fixed the problem. Im not a computer nerd so you may want to take this to those guys in the tech help forum.