View Full Version : Surround Sound System Recommendations?

07-24-2005, 10:24 PM
i know this isn't exactly a computer question, but i figured a bunch of smart guys who know electronics might be able to help me out.

i'm getting a 50" panasonic plasma tv and i want a good sound system. in my research i've found that there is the home theater in a box option and another where i buy some special box (called A/V?) then i buy speakers seperately.

my room is only 10x12 and there's not much room on the floor so i'll want to mount at least some of the speakers on the walls. in terms of sound quality i'd like it to sound very good, but i don't really want to spend much more than 200-400 bucks (unless its really worth it). i'm also looking to get a progressive scan dvd player. i don't listen to CD's, so this is only for movies and HDTV/TV. do you guys have any suggestions? maybe experience with specific products? thanks.

07-25-2005, 12:55 AM
If you're buying a 50" plasma TV don't skimp on the sound. That would make about about as much sense as not paying for HD from DirecTV because it cost to much money. You should be able to spend about 600 - 800 and get some decent quality. I personally have a Harman Kardon receiver and Infinity speakers. IIRC I think it cost about $650.

One other thing, do not buy cheap cables. Buy a good audio cable and a good set of component video cables if you plan on watching HD. A decent universal remote will also save you a lot of headaches. These can be had for about $30 or so, maybe cheaper.