View Full Version : Hans Blix Calls For More Evidence On Iraqi Weapons

03-01-2003, 10:40 AM

Blix seems to be bending over backwards to be neutral which he should do. It's obvious he's not all pleased with Iraq's disclosure regarding WMD's and associated items. To wit from Blix:

"In his report, Blix refrained from drawing definitive conclusions on Iraq's compliance and made no recommendation on the future of inspections.

He stressed that he still needs documents, physical evidence or testimony by individuals who took part in Iraq's weapons programs to answer unresolved issues. A reference in the draft report that this was needed "to give confidence" that Iraq's claim to having no weapons of mass destruction is accurate was eliminated.

The final 13-page report criticized Baghdad for missing an opportunity to clear up outstanding issues about its weapons programs in its 12,000-page declaration submitted Dec. 7, saying it provided "little new substantive information."

Blix also said he didn't understand why Iraq waited until mid-January to take steps that could lead to the discovery of banned items or evidence about long-standing disarmament issues.

"If they had been taken earlier, they might have borne fruit by now," he said. "The results in terms of disarmament have been very limited so far." "