View Full Version : How to play AK in early levels

07-24-2005, 12:25 PM
This refers to SNGs 10+1

I was wondering how you guys play AK in levels 1-2. I find that raising to $45 in EP in level 1 won't cut it since you'll 3+ callers sometimes. So what I've been doing lately from EP is to raise to $120(x8bb) and this seems to reduce the number of callers. If everyone folds I'll take my $25 in blinds. If I get a caller or two I'll bet the same amount regardless the flop. Most often than not they fold if I get called and I have nothing I proceed with cushion on the turn.

Wnen in LP with AK and we have 2+ limpers (again this is level 1) I tend to bet now around $120-$150.

I play level 2 similar to Level 1 when it comes to AK.

The reason I'm asking how you guys play your AK is that raising under 100 still gets a lot of callers and I don't want many callers here. Now limping I find it terrible because even if you flop an ACE you really have to be careful if there are like 5 others with you.

The other thing is, am I wasting too many chips early on with an AK.

What do you guys think?