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07-24-2005, 01:08 AM
Here's where I stand after my first 3 weeks of playing SNGs.

# of tournies: 550
buy-in: 10+1
ITM: 41.6%
ROI: 18.4%
Profit: $1114

1: 68 12.36%
2: 82 14.90%
3: 85 15.45%
4: 95 17.27%
5: 90 16.36%
6: 55 10.00%
7: 45 8.18%
8: 23 4.18%
9: 9 1.63%
10: 5 0.90%

By no means I'm crushing this level but I'm not doing too bad either. I think I should work on reducing my 4th-5th place finishes because I think they're kind of high(any comments?). I also bought eastbay program which I have no doubt will help me make better decisions when it comes to knowing when to push. I would very much appreciate if anyone who has used it will shine some light on how they've used the program to better their game.

What I've been doing:
Basically I've been reading the "Favorite Threads and Links for STT FAQ v.3" as well as the threads of the regular posters here. And of course I've been playing a lot.

I'm planning to move to the 22s probably on Monday since I've been told that they're pretty much the same as the 11s. I plan to play 1000 sngs at that level. After that move to the 33s.

Any comments on my stats or any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

07-24-2005, 01:56 AM
Go, go gadget SnG!

While the $20's do seem much the same as the $10's, I've noticed that you do see more of the better players. Still, if you can play 25-30 SnG's a day, I'd stay at the $11's for another 5 weeks, or so. That way you can work on your bubble play a bit and get a fairly decent database.

Still, nice stats for an early go at SnG's. Well done.