View Full Version : SNG Satellite, 3 Handed, AKo, Limp Reraised: How to Play?

07-23-2005, 02:39 PM
It is a 1 table 27+2 SNG satellite on PokerStars with 1st getting an entry to the weekend 200+15 tournament and 2nd paying $28.

Blinds are 100/200. It is 3 handed, and you have AKo in the big blind. You have 8,400 chips and villan has 4,100 chips. Villan limps on the button, SB folds. You raise to 1,000 hoping to take the antes. Villan goes all-in. Do you call or fold and why? How would you play this hand from the beginning (instead of raise 1,000)?