View Full Version : Calling Ranges in the 11's?

07-23-2005, 07:58 AM
So I'm trying to really workshop my game as I play the 11's (at which I'm doing pretty well, but I need to improve and improve so I can start moving up the ladder)...

When I go back over whether my pushes were +EV in SnGPT, I'm always guessing as to what the typical Party 11'ers calling range is around the bubble and just before the bubble. Obviously, I know it depends on the player and the stack sizes involved, etc...and I'm getting better at recognizing those things by playing sets (and thus having more time to focus on specific player reads as tournaments get closer to the end). But I wonder what a general rule-of-thumb calling range would be to assign, with other things being fairly equal.

SnGPT's default call range is 66+, AJs+, ATo+. While that might be fairly accurate at the 33's or 55's or higher, seems probably a little too tight, as players at the 11's (even without huge stack disparities) routinely call pushes with things like 33, KTo, QJ, etc.

So, just wondering what those who know had to say on the subject.....peaceouchall.