View Full Version : Pentium M 1600+ or Pentium IV 2400?

07-22-2005, 10:08 AM
Hi all;

I am thinking of buying a new laptop. And apparently many things have changed since I last baught one. I know The new Intel chips Pentium M are the new CPU becuase apparently they are much less power consumption. What I am wondering if anybody can say anything about their performance. Also theyre seem to be different models for the Pentium M Dotan or somthing like that. I realise the new M series has more cache which is very important. Anyway any thought on the matter, what do you recommend. Mind you I will not be moving much so battery life is not important. I am not looking for which manufacture do you guys advice best but rather on an objective discussion/thoughts about performance differences between the new Pentium M (Dotan) and the old Pentium VI


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