View Full Version : QQ play at the 22s and below

07-20-2005, 07:34 PM
A while back I posted a couple QQ hands where that involved the other bigstack and me in bubble or pre-bubble time. I flat called his pre-flop raise, wanting to re-evaluate the flop before getting involved in a huge pot with the other chip leader. In both cases, my flat call allowed others in the hand cheaply, I lost the hand to them, not the other chip leader.

There's been alot of posts about folding QQ pre-flop in the past couple days. From my experience, except for the most extreme bubble situations, QQ should be treated almost like AA and KK at the lower levels.

Our opponents raise with garbage. The suck at poker. Never fold QQ pre-flop at the 22s and below. In fact, treat them just like aces and kings and you will win far more this way, far more than you will lose the few times you run into aces or kings.

I will never fold QQ pre-flop at these levels except for ridiculously extreme bubble situations. Get as much money in pre-flop as you can. Welcome your opponents coming over the top of you. Just use the KISS method here and don't outthink yourselves.

07-20-2005, 07:46 PM
I always re-raise QQ at $11s and $22s.