View Full Version : Rounders Question

Mat Sklansky
02-25-2003, 08:08 AM
I need to know how much money Matt Damon is packing at the end of Rounders,
as he heads out of Manhattan toward the Horseshoe. Anyone know for sure, or do i need to rent the movie?

nicky g
02-25-2003, 08:09 AM
Thirty grand. Minus cab and plane fare, presumably.

02-25-2003, 08:10 AM
im pretty sure that at the end he said that (ironically or whatever) after all was said and done he had the same amount of money as when he started, which i believe was 30k.

02-25-2003, 08:39 AM
Turned my 10 grand into just over 60. Paid 15 to gramma, 6 went back to the Chesterfield. As for worm, well I figure we're even. And after the 10 going back to the professor, I'm back where I started, with 3 stacks of high society.

nicky g
02-25-2003, 08:48 AM
Another Rounder's whinge - surely Mike being up $4000 up(100 big bets!) in a few hours at the $20-$40 stud game in the policemen's bar is a tad unlikely, and if he was, wouldn't everyone else have been a. already cleaned out, and b. highly suspicious?

Mat Sklansky
02-25-2003, 11:11 AM