View Full Version : TPTK on 3 Flush Board

Dan Rutter
07-19-2005, 11:43 PM
First hand of a 20+2. The stacks are $1500. Blinds $10-20.
Folded to MP2 who makes it $50. I am next to act with
As Kc and make it $200. If you do not like this raise let me know please. BB calls, and MP1 calls.

Flop comes Kd Td 5d

BB pushes, MP1 folds actions on me. Call or Fold?

07-19-2005, 11:57 PM
First of all, the reraise is a bit much. I would have made it around $120 or so. It's still early and you're now putting 1/7th of your stack in. If you get reraised all-in you have a decision and you're probably right to fold there as MP2 is representing a big pair. If you miss the flop you probably have to bail to any kind of bet and if you throw in a continuation bet, you have lost a huge amount of chips early.

Either villain is on a flush draw or villain is protecting a set of Tens. I can't see him with a made flush given the preflop action. The best case has you ahead but with two shots to bedrawn out on. The worst case has you behind vastly. It's early, too early to gamble methinks. I fold and hate it.

07-19-2005, 11:57 PM
i'd give it up. just too hard to put him on a hand. could be just about anything....the ol' "you CAN'T call THIS!" donk push. just to early to roll the dice on this one IMO.

PF? personally i just call at these early levels, most any 'standard' PF raise holding AK. you have position on the original raiser (obviously)....easier/cheaper to get off an actioned missed flop, great position for aggression when you hit (and there isn't 3d on the board w/ a push!). of course later in the tourney, evaluating source of original riase, chip counts, etc., etc., etc....could be a different ballgame.