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02-23-2003, 11:32 PM
whoever has one, would you please do a hot and cold simulation on K9o v Q8o. I was recently playing in a satellite and moved all-in with less than average chips with K9o after it had been folded to me confident that I ouldn't be called and was called and lost when a queen spiked the river. I just wanted to know how favored I was. Also, I'd like to know 99 vs. 88 (my set was cracked when a straight came down, once again H +C). A/forums/images/icons/heart.gifT/forums/images/icons/heart.gif v. K/forums/images/icons/heart.gifK/forums/images/icons/spade.gif (three hearts flopped), and AQs vs. AJo and ATo (all-in preflop and flop came AT5, and I got no more help). Also 77 v. J2o (two jacks on the flop). I just wanted to know how much the best of it I had when I got snapped to see if I made the correct decisions in a satellite.

much thanx,


02-24-2003, 05:00 AM
Try www.twodimes.net. (http://www.twodimes.net.) You can do the anlysis yourself and experiment with different variations.