View Full Version : Rhode Island Nightclub Fire

Bill Murphy
02-23-2003, 01:54 AM
I finally saw the footage shot inside the club. Mother of God. 10 seconds and it was all over. I guess this hits me harder than the Chicago tragedy, being a suburban middle-class whiteboy rocker and all, although Great White was a bit after my heyday. I've been in 1001 clubs like that and they're all deathtraps, but what are you going do, stay home by yourself? Especially depressing as I can relate totally w/the over 30 crowd that was there.

Two thoughts: After seeing the tape, amazingly, it should've been even worse than it was; and, Jack Russell isn't exactly some high school kid playing in his parents' basement, and he's also not some junkie musician who doesn't know what town he's in. How someone like him couldn't take one glance at the setup there and realize the pyro was a bad idea, after 25+ years, is beyond me. /forums/images/icons/mad.gif

Russell came off horribly in the TV interview the morning after, although he was obviously in shock. God help & forgive him if they snuck the pyro in w/o asking, although who knows how they'll ever prove it one way or the other, and it was a stupid idea to begin with, given that venue. /forums/images/icons/confused.gif

I'm sure Russell is staying silent right now out both respect for the victims & grief over the loss of his bandmate, but he's going to have to get the best legal & PR advice imaginable if he hopes to survive this w/any hope of a future career or a nickel to his name, assuming they didn't sneak the pyro in. I guess it also depends on the band's insurance and organizational structure. Hard to imagine Great White ever being able to do much of anything again, although you should never say never in the entertainment industry. I can't think of anything that even comes close to an atrocity like this, though.

As for the burn victims, Jesus, what can you say? I've always been horrifed by burn injuries. They're unspeakable on so many levels. You can only do so much to treat them; nothing else you can do. Deepest sympathies & prayers to all involved. /forums/images/icons/heart.gif