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02-22-2003, 03:44 AM

'New manual tells police: don't call gays and lesbians 'homosexual' by Ian Burrell in The Independent, 17th. August, 2001, page 1. "Scotland Yard plans to instruct all its police officers not refer to gays and lesbians as homosexual because it 'criminalises' them. New guidelines, to be circulated to 35,000 Metropolitan Police officers and civilian staff next month, call for the use of 'sensitive and appropriate language' when dealing with gay men, lesbians and bisexuals, transexuals and transvestites. The Policing Diversity Handbook - which was launched last year and is about to undergo its second edition - says: 'Homosexual [is] a medical term used to criminalise lesbians, gay men and bisexuals (LGB) in the nineteenth century. The term should generally be avoided, although some older LGB people may describe themselves in this way'." '


Allegations of racism have been dropped against Robin Page, a Telegraph columnist who was questioned by police after saying country dwellers should enjoy the same rights as blacks, Muslims and homosexuals.

Mr Page, 61, was arrested on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred after making a speech at a pro-hunting rally in November which began: "If there is a black, vegetarian, Muslim, asylum-seeking, one-legged, lesbian lorry driver present…I want the same rights as you."



so anyway this guy was arrested for using word homosexual but charges dropped so i guess you can say homosexual if you want to risk being arrested and having to fight it.