View Full Version : Ever slow up w/AA against non-scary board, no reads, & a checkcaller?

07-16-2005, 02:35 PM
On a related note, do I have to push this turn? I want his chips!

Edit: This is sad, but I didn't even notice that the top flopped rag paired the board on the river until after I posted this. Don't know how much that changes the river betting. Thoughts on that?

UB (t1500 chips to start) $10 + $1 Turbo

Blinds at 15/30
Stacks range from t2375 to t1050
HERO is UTG+2 with Ad As and an average stack of t1470

SB posts small blind (t15)
BB posts big blind (t30)
2 folds
Hero raises to t90
1 fold
MP+1 calls t90
2 folds
SB calls t90
1 fold

Flop brings 5s 8d 2h (t300 in pot):

SB (t1705) checks
Hero (t1380) bets t225
MP+1 (t2295) folds
SB calls t225

Turn brings 5s 8d 2h Jh (t750 in pot):

SB (t1489) checks
HERO (t1155) bets t400
SB calls t400

River brings 5s 8d 2h Jh 8c (t1550 in pot)

HERO (t755) bets t755 all-in
SB folds