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07-16-2005, 09:07 AM
Early in a $16 turbo on Stars. No reads.

PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t30 (9 handed) converter (http://www.selachian.com/tools/bisonconverter/hhconverter.cgi)

UTG (t1300)
UTG+1 (t2200)
Hero (t1470)
MP2 (t1490)
MP3 (t1380)
CO (t1410)
Button (t980)
SB (t1790)
BB (t1480)

Preflop: Hero is MP1 with K/images/graemlins/spade.gif, A/images/graemlins/spade.gif.
<font color="#666666">2 folds</font>, <font color="#CC3333">Hero raises to t90</font>, MP2 calls t90, <font color="#666666">2 folds</font>, Button calls t90, SB calls t75, BB calls t60.

Flop: (t450) K/images/graemlins/diamond.gif, J/images/graemlins/heart.gif, 9/images/graemlins/spade.gif <font color="#0000FF">(5 players)</font>
SB checks, BB checks, <font color="#CC3333">Hero bets t200</font>, MP2 calls t200, Button calls t200, SB folds, BB folds.

Turn: (t1050) 5/images/graemlins/club.gif <font color="#0000FF">(3 players)</font>
Hero checks, <font color="#CC3333">MP2 bets t210</font>, Button calls t210, Hero calls t210.

River: (t1680) 3/images/graemlins/diamond.gif <font color="#0000FF">(3 players)</font>
Hero checks, MP2 checks, <font color="#CC3333">Button bets t480 (All-In)</font>, Hero calls t480, MP2 calls t480.

Final Pot: t3120

/images/graemlins/spade.gif Kasey /images/graemlins/spade.gif

07-16-2005, 09:15 AM
this is a 16 dollar tournament. i have NO idea what either of them have. im sure they have Q10 or KJ and you are behind, but i duno, at that point on the river i guess you have to pay off. in a smaller buyin tournament, i would probably make it something like 120-140 pf with those deep stacks. i dont want the hand hard to play at all against some idiot with Q10. meh, i really dont know what to say, im tired, going to bed. holla

07-16-2005, 09:22 AM
My thoughts were i wasnt getting a better hand to fold and i might get a bluff raise cuz i plan on going to the felt here.

/images/graemlins/spade.gif Kasey /images/graemlins/spade.gif

07-16-2005, 12:01 PM
You are 5 to a flop versus donks on a dangerous board.

I'd bet 4xbb as an opener, then bet 2/3 of the pot on the flop and probably check-fold the turn once 2 other ppl called me.

07-16-2005, 05:03 PM

everyone seems so sure i lost here... but people are terrible at $16s and i won the hand. KQ and JT.

/images/graemlins/spade.gif Kasey /images/graemlins/spade.gif

07-16-2005, 05:05 PM
You can't get out of this hand, clearly.

I think you have to charge people to draw and bet the pot on the flop. Overbet push the turn and make donkeys draw.