View Full Version : How to play a flopped strait on a rainbow board against a lot of peopl

07-15-2005, 09:22 PM
$1 SNG, 8 players left, 20-40 blinds, I have 2000 chips

D: PokerNut52 is the dealer.
D: dubldeuce posted small blind.
D: rabbit2000 posted big blind.
D: Game [10] started with 8 players.
D: Dealing Hole Cards.
D: waggy19 folded.
D: Dees 1893 called 40
D: fyfe called 40
D: jspeedy folded.
D: HERO called 40 [Js Ts] in the CO
D: PokerNut52 folded.
D: dubldeuce called 20
D: rabbit2000 checked.

D: FLOP [8d 7c 9h]
D: dubldeuce checked.
D: rabbit2000 checked.
D: Dees 1893 bet 40
D: fyfe called 40
D: HERO called 40
D: dubldeuce folded.
D: rabbit2000 called 40

D: TURN [8d 7c 9h Jd]
D: rabbit2000 checked.
D: Dees 1893 bet 160
D: fyfe called 160
D: HERO called 160 and raised 320
D: rabbit2000 folded.
D: Dees 1893 folded.
D: fyfe called 320

D: River [8d 7c 9h Jd 6d]
D: fyfe checked.
D: HERO bet 320
D: fyfe called 320 and raised 620 and is All-in
D: HERO called 620
D: Showdown!
D: fyfe has Flush KJ864
D: fyfe wins 3,360 with Flush KJ864
D: Hand is over.

How'd I [censored] this one up? Any comments on my play? Suggestions?

I think slow playing here may have been a big mistake but I didn't see any other draws and wanted to milk it.


07-15-2005, 09:35 PM
smooth calling the flop is fine with 1 (maybe 2) others, but with two donks in front of you and another behind, i would pop it to T120 here. certainly reasonable to assume you'll get at least one call (TP, draw, etc.). if/when this happens, it's time to drop the hammer on the turn. you've already created a nice pot early with your flop raise. if you get a caller for all his chips on your turn push? good for you...4 times out of 5, you'll be duly rewarded.

07-15-2005, 09:36 PM
ok thanks a lot