View Full Version : My first (and last) 1369 30+3 SnGs

07-14-2005, 03:30 PM
First off, a little history. Back in february 2+2er Jman28 offered to give free poker lessons at my university. My roommate and I were interested and soon began going to his once a week poker class. I soon had the skills and mostly the motivation to become a winning 10+1 player. 2 weeks after my first deposit, i was this winning player (barely). I stayed at the 10s until April when I moved up to the 20s. A few days later I lost around 25 buyins, cursed party poker and the SnGs, bought SSH, and switched to limit cash games. I soon realized I could hardly beat the rake here and decided to give SnGs another try.

I got a new account with rakeback, bought SnGPT, and started at the 10s again. In a few weeks I was back at the 20s. I had made around $1500 by now so I decided to start keeping track of this thing called "ROI".

I played 1500+ 20s with an ROI of 18% by the time school ended. I moved up to the 30s and used my profits to buy a new computer and a 2nd monitor. I jumped right into 8 tabling and I remember losing my first 8 30s. Wow that sucked.

Anyways, here are my stats from my last 1369 30s.

ROI 12.7%

1~160 11.68%
2~185 13.51%
3~171 12.49%
4~199 14.54%
5~192 14.02%
6~194 14.17%
7~136 9.93%
8~61 4.46%
9~40 2.92%
10~31 2.26%

worst run: 25 buyin drop within 90 Sngs

best run: 40 buyin gain within 90 Sngs

best streak:


Im a little disapointed with my ROI and finishing distrubution. My biggest leaks are mid and late game postflop play and pretty much all heads up situations, especially when its BB/SB in the hand only. Hopefully the extra 200 chips at the 50s will allow me to try some new things to plug these leaks.

My new goal is 1000 50s with a 10% ROI by july 28th. ill see you at the 50s

07-14-2005, 03:38 PM
very nicely done. good luck at the 55s.

07-14-2005, 03:42 PM
Well done. Looks like your #s are nearly identical to mine, with a similar ROI drop at the 30s. I went the wussy route and dropped back down to the 20s though /images/graemlins/frown.gif

Best of luck in the 50s.