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07-12-2005, 09:07 PM
My brother and I are playing a heads-up PLO match. Each start with 5k in chips, blinds are 25/50. Neither of us have spent much time playing PLO, but both of us have spent hundreds of hours playing poker with each other.

Brother is generally tight-aggressive except preflop. Most hands will do for him to call a raise (as generally, most hands will warrant a raise from me). He will get involved with less than the nuts, but he won't do it every time. Anyways, here a few hands I had questions about. All hands are played with the SB being the button.

Hand 1:
Me with 7500 in the BB
He wtih 2500 in the SB

He raises 100 from the SB. I have AK89 with K89 in hearts. I re-raise 200. Good? I felt I was ahead of most of the hands he was raising. He re-raises the pot (I forgot how much it was at that point, but it left him with about 1k behind).

I folded...

Hand 2:
Me with about 8k
Him with about 2k

I limp in from the SB with 4569 suited in clubs
He checks his option

Flop comes 3 8 7 with two diamonds. He bets pot, I raise pot, eventually he gets all his money in. Good?

Hand 3:
Me with 7k in the BB
Him with 3k in the SB

He limps in from the SB and I raise 75 with 3378 suited in clubs again. He calls.

Flops comes 34K one club. I bet out 1/2 pot and he calls.
Turn comes 5 of clubs. We get all in for a large amount of the chips. nh?

The only hand I really hate is #2. I was completely getting freerolled.

For those who are wondering, we played for 2.5-3 hours and I am currently outchipped 2:1.

07-12-2005, 09:31 PM
it seemed you played all the hands well. You really had no other options in hand 2 in my opinion.