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patrick dicaprio
02-15-2003, 09:49 PM
in light of spring training starting, i was reading a great book called Baseball Anecdotes. Here is one of my favorites:

Johnny broaca was pitching for the yankees in the 30's. he has a 1-0 lead with two out in the ninth, runner on first, Joe Cronin at the plate and Jimmie foxx on deck.

he walks cronin on four pitches. foxx comes up, tying run is on second. Foxx crushes one into deep centerfield in yankee stadium, which was about 450 feet.Joe mccarthy said it was the longest ball he ever saw hit that wasnt a homer. Dimaggio goes out and makes a running catch right against the wall.

Sais Broaca:I was afraid of Cronin but I knew I could get Foxx.