View Full Version : Downloading Music Videos

Bill Murphy
02-14-2003, 11:53 PM
When downloading music videos off the web and then playing it on a RealOne Player, is connection speed the most important factor in playback quality?

I recently downloaded a couple music vids plus some amateur porn. The porn had crystal clear picture & sound, but it kept stopping; I'd drag the cursor back to the beginning, then it would play a little further each time, +15 secs or so, 90 sec clip.

The two music videos were 'jagged/choppy' & stop n' go, almost like a collection of stills, although each still was very clear[except for blur lines here & there]. I know there's a lot more 'stuff' on the music vids' audio & visual tracks to account for the difference.

Gotta get off this modem, but are there any other things to do=settings to adjust, etc.? I remember having the same problem w/music vids at my old job off a T1 line. Are there better players than RealOne?

02-15-2003, 01:37 PM
real player format is pretty bad. do u have >1ghz cpu? if not that could be problem. i would just download mpegs they play better.

also i had a problem (realplayer and avi/mpg) where some stuff wouldnt play right cause somehow my video codecs got messed up (it played perfect when i booted into another os (dual boot) ). so that could be it too.