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Bill Murphy
02-13-2003, 12:44 AM
When downloading video off the web and then playing it on a RealOne Player, is connection speed the most important factor in playback quality?

I recently downloaded the "Dirrty" & Enrique w/Anna music vids plus some amateur filth. The porn had crystal clear picture & sound, but it kept stopping; I'd drag the cursor back to the beginning, then it would play a little further each time, +15 secs or so, 90 sec clip.

The two music videos were 'jagged' & stop n' go, almost like a collection of stills, although each still was very clear[except for blur lines here & there]. I know there's a lot more 'stuff' on the music vids' audio & visual tracks to account for the difference.

Gotta get off this modem, but are there any other things to do=settings to adjust, etc.? I remember having the same problem w/music vids at my old job off a T1 line. Are there better players than RealOne?

BTW the video mentioned in the subject line exists. Really. It's called "Stringing The Racket". $50 for a 90 min PPV, or $200 for the DVD w/interviews, 30 min extra, etc. Starts out w/Xtina[in tank top & denim mini-skirt] watching Anna[lycra halter & shorts] practice on court. Licks her lips, runs her fingers thru her hair, crosses-recrosses her legs, etc.

Afterwards, Anna's showering & Xtina sneaks into the locker room, peeks around the lockers, then walks forward for a closer look...

It's awesome; ya'll gotta check it out. If someone'll tell me how to copy & paste a URL, I'll get the link to the site up here for ya'll.

02-13-2003, 01:25 AM
Excellent post and post title. I wish I could help on the technical end of things though. /forums/images/icons/grin.gif