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09-11-2001, 11:58 AM
Hello everyone on the Vince forum

It seems that the US has been bombed and/or had our planes hijacked and forcibly crashed into our buildings. The world trade center is destroyed, both buildings collapsed. No doubt thousands are dead. Apparently, one of them was hit by an american airlines flight. The pentagon was hit by another kamikaze flight. The state department had a car bomb go off outside of it. Camp david was hit by another kamikaze hijacked plane. A large plane crashed in pennsylvania. I thought I just heard that yet another went down in the pacific. All US planes are grounded, and all incoming international flights are diverted to canada. There are many details which I am not completely sure of at this time. The news sites online are swamped (that was CNET's latest top story). Communications on the east coast aren't good, one person I know lost cell phone service right about the time the world trade center was hit. Bin Laden said three weeks ago that he would unleash unprecedented attacks on the US for our support of israel. No proof yet that he is in fact responsible, but let's just say he's high on the list of suspects. I ain't very fond of him anyway, he's kind of a jerk.

The world trade centers have about 50,000 people working in them each day. They are larger than most of the cities I have lived in. They were first hit just before 9am east coast time. When I saw that tower collapse on the news, I knew at that very moment, many new yorkers died right in front of my eyes on national TV. I wonder if the terrorist responsible for this are waiting for the west coast to be fully awake and at work before the bombs start going off here. I wouldn't want to be in LA or SF right now.

A good friend of mine (and 2+2er, name unmentioned) was in israel yesterday and was supposed to get back to las vegas today. Somehow, I think he will be stuck somewhere, hopefully in england or canada though, and not the middle east. Somehow, I think the shit is going to be hitting the fan over there real soon....

Can you believe it? Makes this whole world of poker strategy that we all talk about seem mighty small and insignificant. (Of course when we AREN'T being bombed, we should definitely be playing poker!).

This was written at 840 am on the west coast.

I really like this "Vince!" forum, because from time to time I can write about non poker related topics, and people that I know, and respect their writing and opinions, can comment on things other than just whether to raise or call.

2+2ers, what do you think about all this?

Dave in Cali

09-11-2001, 12:48 PM
My heart goes out to the U.S.

How far reaching is this tragedy? Well I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada... several thousand miles from New York, and we are evacuating buildings here. North America is in chaos...

To update Dave's initial story, I have heard of another United plane going done in Colorado.


09-11-2001, 12:49 PM
Well, for those of us under age 30, this represents the most historic day of our lives. Until now, the "Where were you when..." day of our lives was the Challenger disaster in 1987. Now it will be this day.

I mostly wonder what will happen next. The USA never seemed like the type to respond to such an event with a "full scale investigation". Obviously Osama Bin Laden is #1 on everyone's list of suspects. But he's been on the FBI top ten most wanted for a lengthy time. They've obviously been looking for him. Can they find him now? Will the US public accept anything less than Bin Laden's head on a pike paraded through the streets?

That also adds to the question of Bush. My removed perspective is that the US public doesn't have a lot of respect for his ability or intelligence and he knows it. Will he be motivated to act more strongly in order to prevent losing credibility with the US public, and will this lead to some kind of action that will have repercussions? If he doesn't act strongly, will there be continued attacks? Is there any action that will result in a cessation of attacks? Are we on the road to WW3?

Bush Sr was president for the Gulf War. Middle East terrorists striking back now that son is president. Coincidence? Who knows.

Its just a terrible act by some individuals with no concept of what it means to be human.

09-11-2001, 01:32 PM
"That also adds to the question of Bush. My removed perspective is that the US public doesn't have a lot of respect for his ability or intelligence and he knows it. "

I must agree here. I didn't particularly care for bush sr, but I do in fact recognize that he is a very intelligent man. I am not so sure about bush jr. I think he's just a southern hick who had enough connections to wind up president. Another friend seems to think that his cabinet is quite capable though.

Personally, I wish they had finished the job with Bin Laden when they had the chance. I am not mr. politics, but I know of no one else that has the manpower, equipment, or the grudge to do something like this.

"Bush Sr was president for the Gulf War. Middle East terrorists striking back now that son is president. Coincidence?"

Perhaps. Someone asked if this was the anniversary of black september, when the 747 was blown up, or if it was the anniversary of the peace accord signed back in 1970? Admittedly, my history is kinda sketchy, after all, I was raised in the US, where we teach history to our children according to our closed minded little view of the world, where the world stops at the edge of the US borders, the world is flat, and the US is exactly at the very center of the universe. Perhaps someone with a more complete knowledge of history can clarify these things.

Personally, I hope they DO get on with it and do their "full scale investigation"

Dave in Cali

09-11-2001, 01:51 PM
the challenger was in 1986, not 87. I was in my class in high school, I was a senior at the time. The entire school was watching it live. I remember Mrs. Boyers and the look on her face, it will never leave my mind.

Very ironic that I almost never watch news in the morning, but the last time I remember watching the news in the morning was before school, when I was in the UT health science center at san antonio. I was eating breakfast and about to leave for school, when I turned on the news for a few minutes. I caught the explosion in oklahoma city, when McVeigh blew up the federal building. I couldn't have been more than a few minutes after it happened. Today, when I got to work at 7am, the entire place was abuzz, and they had the TV in the conference room turned to the news. Maybe I should just skip the news in the morning....

Dave in Cali

09-11-2001, 02:19 PM
yeah... this is a sad day for our lovely planet.

My heart goes to the people in the US and especially NY.

F%$&! the World Trade Centre...

I just hope all of this does not get out of hand. I personnaly would like to be known as a poker player in 50 years, not as a World War 3 veteran.

Nicolas Fradet (ThePrince)