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09-09-2001, 08:43 PM
I am new to this group. I am also contemplating being new to poker in Atlantic City. Any info on types of games, vigs, etc would be appreciated.

09-10-2001, 09:33 PM
Well, since 21 people looked at your post and didn't respond, I'll feed ya a bone. Play at the Taj, or Trop. 1-5 to 300-600, whatever your fancy. Plenty of games all year round and at any limits. Rake and time suck, but then again, it sucks everywhere. GL

that is all,

dannyboy :o)

09-11-2001, 11:38 AM
The vig is pretty much the same everywhere. Most games 10-20 and less will be 10% to 4$ or 5% to 4$ for 10-20, at least that's how it was when I was last there. 15-30 typically had time charges of 6$/half. You can play at the Taj or the Trop. The trop has a nicer room with better staff, but the Taj has more games to choose from. I generally HATED playing at the taj, it seemed to draw obnoxious people and wasn't well run. I like the playing experience much better at the trop, but sometimes I played at the taj because the trop didn't have good games at the time. sands also had a poker room, which I liked, but they only spread stud most of the time. The had a 5-10-15 stud game and a 10-20-30 stud game. I always did well there. That room was very pleasant to play in. Trop has tournaments galore. sands has a nice little stud tournament, at least they did a couple years ago.

09-11-2001, 09:54 PM
Trop is definitely the place for low limit weekend games. Taj is higher limits and more selection on weekdays M-Thurs. I find the crowd tougher at the Trop, but it definitely varies. I spend about 80% time at Trop and only 20% at Taj. Sands is "nowhere" for now. Never played at Bally's. Harrah's sucks and Caeser's in non existant anymore. Try Taj or Trop. You will like both. when are you going there? I'll be happy to direct you to some nice eating establishments etc.