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09-01-2001, 10:58 AM
I (don't you hate it when people start out with "I") O.K now I have to begin again. "I" played Holdem poker last weekend at Foxwoods. 10 - 20 with a half kill. I played 5 hours on Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday. I drifted between $300 up and $400 down. I quit $190 up. I played fair to poor with a couple of redeeming plays that may have been the reason I left winner.

The Holdem games (stud too) at Foxwoods are predictable. There are usually one or two good players and almost always one or two loose cannons with the reamining players being mediocre. It makes for a rather nice game. Not too stressful and just exciting enough to keep from falling asleep. "World class" Vince Lepore is a big favorite in these games.

There were two 10 Holdem games going, three or four 5 games and a few lower games. No higher Holdem games were spread. .Four 15 stud games were going with one 40 - 80 stud and one 75 stud going. I should be playing in the 40 game but for Bankroll reasons I'm not. I think Sklansky should send me 10k and tell me to go for it. What do you all think?

On Saturday, when I got to the Card room, the first thing I did was look for John Cole and Mary. Mary's daughter Kristen (or is that Kitten < cute joke, I don't want her mad at me) posted here that she had felt very sorry for the world class klutzy careless Vince Lepore and aquired a new hat for him. You see she had made me a hat, no two hats, last year. One was a black beauty with the red letters "VLG" centered on the forehead. It was beautiful and complimented the handsome rock like structure of the great and powerfully chinned Vin...hey, hey, hey (slap!) I'm sorry, I got carried away there for a minute. Thanks I needed that wake up whack.

Last year in a post Sklansky dubbed a play where one forgoes current edge for future potential as a "Vince Lepore Gambit". It's not an easy thing to explain so I won't get into it now but let's just say, "world class". You get the idea. I lost it. The hat. I lost it at the World Series this year. I was walking around and it must have fallen out from under my arm. Shit.., I panicked. Mary would hate me if I didn't find it. Well, I didn't and I din't tell Mary until just recently. And I didn't tell her directly, I did it here on the forum. Coward.

Last week I was looking for her in the foxwoods Card room when my name was called for a game. While walking to my table I spied the strangest thing. There at a 5 - 10 Holdem table, staring out from under a John Cole looking hat, was a cute little blonde. Well, cute might not be the right word but believe me if you saw this gorgeous lady peeking out from under the bill of a baseball cap you would think it was cute also. I was amazed when I got a little closer to see that it was Mary. I put my money down in front of my seat and went over to her table. There sitting on her head she had a new hat. I could only see the back of it as I walked up and whispered naughty things in her ear. She spun around and grabbed my... Hey, hey, hey (slap). Wake up will you. Sorry I was fantasizing this time. She turned around and said "this is your hat" as she took it from her head. She told me that she had risked "Hat Hair" to ensure the safety of "Vinces" hat. "Hat hair" is what happens to a womans or mans (he who has hair that is) hair from wearing a hat. I'm sure you have all experienced those side head squigglies one time or another that she was referring too.

Fully expecting to see "VLG" on the forehead, to my delightful amazement, the lettering beautifully spelled out "Everything Vince!" My forum name! Grrreaat! There on the back she, Kristen, had had printed "www.twoplustwo.com". I love it! It is now my favorite hat, replacing my "Oz Student" hat that Kristen and Mary and John also gave me last year. That's a hat of another story.

A little while later M.... showed up in the card room. We talked a little and the four of us decided to have dinner together. I had a great time. I argued with M... through the whole dinner. It was about something but for the life of me I can't remember what it was. Funny that seems to happen with us all the time on these forums. We disucss things. We are never on the same side. We carry things to the umpteenth degree and then we discuss something else. I think I like that. When we finished dinner M... and I went back to the card room. Mary and John left to go home.

We had taken so long eating that the floor had picked me up and given my seat to another player. I really did not care at all. I thought about the time I just spent with Mary and John and M..., looked at my hat, thought about this dear teenage girl that I had not even met but was kind enough to touble her self for me. I thought about these things and then thought "life is good!"

Thank you Kristen, Mary and John!


09-01-2001, 05:09 PM
hey Vince.

I'm glad you like your hat but you make me very sad. First-you lose the first hat. That's ok, I'm over it. (not really but I'll pretend, perhaps I've guilt tripped you enough this month) So the first hat is lost, I can deal with that. You got a new favorite hat out of your lost treasure; I dare you to ask what I got out of it.

What's that? What did I get out of it?

Ok, I'll tell you. I got my name spelled wrong! Of all the ways to thank me for your spiffy new hat, a hat that you so proudly state my mother has worn (apparently that's a good thing) you choose to thank me by spelling my name wrong. You've made me cry yet again. I'll be crying for days now and I'll have to go to my first day of college with my eyes all puffy because you, VINCE LEPORE, made me cry.

I hope you're happy.


09-01-2001, 06:17 PM
No, No, No, o' sweet Kristin. Had I spelled your name right how would you have known it was I. I am Voince after all. If you had read BillM's post you would know that imposters abound on these forums. So I .... No, I lied, I'm sorry. I made sure that I spelled your name correctly and still spelled it wrong. I be a dunce. Sorry!


09-02-2001, 02:11 PM
It's alright. You've further amused me by the fact that you spelled my name wrong yet again in the subject line of the post apologizing for spelling my name wrong in the first place! It's ok, I know you're just keeping me on my toes.

~Kristin (with an I)