View Full Version : Weird DSL problem

07-06-2005, 03:12 AM
My internet is constantly dropping in and out. This shows up mostly when running party, which is incredibly irritating. Not only that but it seems that the connection will degrade throughout time. Usually when I first turn on my comp and fire up a browswer the connection will seem fine, however after about 10 minutes things start to get really poor. THis is most noticable in large downloads, for example today I fired up a 20 meg download. At first I had speeds as high as 160 Kb/s which is about the speed I would expect from my connection, however after about 3 to 4 minutes the download dropped to 30 kb/s. THis drop happened very gradually, I actually watched it slowly die about a drop of 1 kb/s every second.

I believe that this is a router problem, mainly due to the fact that everything seems better when I just plug straight into the modem, however my testing is not extensive enough to really be positive. I should note that this problem is occuring over a CAT 5 cable, and the problem has nothing to do with the wireless aspect of the router I am currently using.

I talked to linksys tech support and they were not that sure about the soure of the problem, they suggested that I change the MTU size to 1400 which I have. So far I have not noticed a change.

Any info or insight into the cause of the problem would be GREATLY appreciated.

I am currently on a DSL connection from Surewest (local internet provider). I am using a wirless router, Linksys Wirless-G broadband router with speed boaster.