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08-27-2001, 04:16 AM
Hi, all

I just finished two days playing Helld'em at a local indian casino and I had the honor, both days mind you, of playing with, "The BEST". Vince and I discussed this person's near miraculous ability to be in two places at once but this weekend past, he displayed an even more wondrous talent. Not only can he be in two places at once, but he can spend three full hands explaining, in intricate detail mind you, exactly why he got caught with a busted straight when he was playing against the button who raised before the flop and the board was two-paired.

Apparently if you're "The BEST", you don't worry about the possibility that the two Aces on the board, or even the two lowly Queens, may have had some effect on your opponent's preflop raise. Oh no... "The BEST", continues to raise, call and eventually cap with his 8-high gutshot. You see, when you're "The BEST", you understand the significance of POSITION!!! and you realize that it's a statistical fluke when that preflop raiser makes quad-Aces to crush your busted gutshot. Since you had POSITION!!!! you were, according to "The BEST" anyway, not playing to win the pot, you were playing to "reverse advertise so as to get the BEST OF IT IN FUTURE BETTING ROUNDS".

So anyway, for those of you who hope to someday play at a level scarcely understandable by those of us of lesser prowess; remember to use POSITION!!!! to ensure your reverse advertising generates positive expectation so as to make a negative EV play into a positive EV play and force your opponent to forever wonder if you're playing a busted gutshot against his made-on-the-flop quad-Aces.

I stood in awe at the subtlety of play exhibited by, "The BEST". Someday I too hope to flop quads against his busted gutshot and get overwhelmed by his reverse advertising. It can only benefit a lesser player such as myself.


P.S. I just had to share it somewhere... it was a wonder to behold.

08-27-2001, 08:49 AM
Position is an interesting and I'm sure misunderstood poker concept. But it does aid "The BEST" when he wants to "fool" the guy with the Quad Aces in front of him. I don't understand what you don't understand about what The BEST obviously understands about the power of "position". I'm sure that if you think back Baron, you will recall those WWI dog fights in which you scored all those kills by attacking your foe from the rear. The BEST was just trying to tell you that he was a "Rear End" man. That's all!

vince (The real Vince and I have a couple of Hats to prove it! I will elaborate later. Elaborate...don't you just love Sklanskyism's)