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08-26-2001, 02:29 PM

Last time I posted, I complained about the horrible games I played at up in the Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. My primary complaint consisted of the game being to tough. You advised me to relax and enjoy the game. I shared with you my frustration of losing and you explained how its all part of the game. The past week I played in my normal game at the Taj, and won all of the money back that I lost and I picked up a few hundred. I have arrived at the conclusion that the Taj does have a better game selection. The Taj had 5 seperate 5-10 games going. The Mohegan Sun had a must move game and a main game. Players at the Taj dont appear as knowledgable. Here is an example I raised pre-flop AK off suit. I had three callers. The flop came AA 5. I bet and had two cold callers. The turn was a rag, I check raised and still had two callers. River hit me with a King, checked to me and I had two callers. One player had A9 offsuit, and a woman to my left had a pair of 10's. Again I am reminded of how you make money at poker, not by the brilliance of your play, but by the stupidity of others. Take care Vince...and thanks for all the uselful information