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08-24-2001, 08:33 PM
I got to FW late last Saturday night. I saw John and Mary and M.... I cried on Mary's shoulder about my VLG hat. She must have felt sorry for me cause darlin Kristin, her daughter,is going to fulfill my wish. No not my young girl fantasy wish you slobs, my VLG hat wish. She's gonna get me another one. Love ya Kristin. I'll be at FW tomorrow for sure.

I arrived at the Woods at about 7 p.m. I had made my mind up before I got there that this was going to be a stud weekend. I hadn't played stud in a while and one gets rusty, so I thought this weekend I better stick to stud. I don't have my notes in front of me but I recall that it was a good decision to focus on stud. When I got to the room there were 2, 10 Holdem games going. One was a must move. No 15 or 20 holdem games. There were 3 prime 15 stud games plus a must move game. So from the perspective of more games to choose from and which was less likely to break Stud was the better choice. I'm not much on Game Selection as you probably know from my other posts so I didn't do a likely win comparison like Mason told me to.

John did not have a good time playing last saturday. He played 5 Holdem as usual. Well, maybe he did have a good time but when he saw the Vinmaster (me) walk up to his table he quit the game and decided to watch me play. I'm sure that's why he threw the last of his money in that last pot and let his K,Q lose to an opponents K,J (K,J on board). I've told him many times about starting with the best hand. It just don't pay sometimes.

John sweated me for about an hour an then Mary and he departed to tell Kristin asbout my hat. I'm sure that was the reason they went home. They like me.

I played $15 stud for about four hours. I won $650. I lost three heads up hands on the river to improbable draws or would have had a > $1000 four hours. $650 is not to shabby but $1000 has a nice ring to it. No it was not just luck. Sure I got good hands but this time most of them held up. Thank you very much. Makes up for my 12 hour perfect stud play and win of $41 three or four weeks ago.

I got tired right around midnight and quit. I ran over to M...'s table and watched him play a few hands. He wanted to talk to me so he took a break and we went and got a bite to eat. Yes, I, no he paid. I said he wanted to talk to me. Hey you talk to the piper and you gotta pay. He knows I'm a genuine genius and he was hoping to get some free valuable information. Huh, I fooled him, I told him everthing I know about Holdem. That'll teach him.

Oh, I forgot, M.... (real name M.....) is a gentle man in addition to being a gentleman. He is a pretty good size guy. But he has a soft tone to his voice that endears him to you right away. He has a good sense of humor and is able to laugh at himself. A rare trait now a days. Needless to say I like talking with him. I was joking about him wanting to talk to me. It was the otherway around. M.... is a poker theorist and the fact that he plays mid limit and I know that he plays to win makes him a very interesting guy with whom to talk poker. We talked a bit about the difference between the games at Foxwoods and the Taj Mahal in A.C. I told him that from my experience the action was better at the Taj. Not that the poker players at Foxwoods are better, it just seemed to me that there was always non stop mid limit poker games going at the Taj. Not so at Foxwoods.

Pretty soon he mosied back to his game and I went to sleep in VW heaven. I got up Sunday morning and played int he 10 a.m. Stud tournament. 117 entrants. I think I finished 116. I was playing grrreat! I had not had a rebuy and had quadrupled my original T200 by break time. I bought the double add on and had T1200 to begin the non rebuy stage of the tournament.

Sometimes you just go brain dead. 100-200 level. I had J/44. An early weak raiser with lots of chips raised with a Ten up. Throw your hand away I said to myself as I reraised. Reraised, am I nuts I thought, this is a tournament not a ring game I said to myself, as the bring in and the initial raiser both called. Fourth street brought me a K and blanks for my opponnents. Now the pot was big enough to take a shot at it. I bet and both my opponents called at the same time as I said to myself "that's it, no more betting". Yup on fifth street I caught a 4! I was high and bet. the bring in folded. The player with lot's of chips with a T,3,6 up called. Now I liked my hand. I liked it a lot. I put her on a big pair or a pair of tens. We both got blanks, I thought, on 6 th street. I bet and she called. I said to myself "o.k.... you got her now". I didn't bother to look at my river card. I bet and she called. I said I have 3 4's. She said "I have three sevens." Sixth stree was evidently not a blank. I almost puked. I lost half my stack on a bull.... hand. I never recovered. I had about 500 left when I got split Jacks (ironic). A different lady with a 7h up called me. This woman had made 3 sevens 3 times already. I knew she had a pair of sevens. She caught the 8 of hearts on fourth. I bet. she called. She caught the 5 of hearts on 5 th. I checked and she checked. She caught the Kh on 6th. She bet and like a defeated cow I called all in and left when she showed the 7 of spades and a heart. I certainly need more tournament time. I licked my psychological wounds and went home.


08-24-2001, 09:49 PM


and I thought I was the young girl fantasy. Oh well, I guess I,ll get over it. BTW, the new hat is NOT a VLG hat. Kris and I think it's better. (it was a collaberative effort) See you tomorrow.

Take care,


08-24-2001, 11:40 PM

Nice report. Please post your stud hands on the tournament forum. I want to hear what others have to say. I'm trying to get better at stud myself.

Good Luck


08-25-2001, 01:46 AM

I don't get it. You check down three 4's in the 15-30 game when it's obvious you're ahead but bet out the three 4's when you're not sure where you are in the tournament. :-}

BTW, I was playing what I like to refer to as the Vince Lepore Commemorative Hand (QTs) and had flopped a straight when the KJ got me, KQ.


08-25-2001, 02:55 AM
What a nice report! I've just been reading Mark Twain's letters from Hawaii and your report reminds me of some of his. He was quite young when he wrote these, but so are you. I'm expecting a Huckleberry Finn out of you yet.

And, damn it, I thought I was your young girl fantasy.

08-25-2001, 08:55 AM
Well I was close. So you didn't have the best hand. Sorry. but I do remember mentioning how great a hand QT is, sorry again.


08-25-2001, 09:03 AM
"And, damn it, I thought I was your young girl fantasy. "

Don't lose hope. I have a lot of fantasy in me.


Thanks Andy!

08-28-2001, 07:30 PM
"…from the perspective of more games to choose from and which was less likely to break Stud was the better choice. I'm not much on Game Selection as you probably know from my other posts so I didn't do a likely win comparison like Mason told me to. "

You were excercising the beginnings of advanced game selection strategy. You picked stud, because there were FIVE games to choose from in the limits you wanted. Now, you have to keep getting up and watching the other games every once in a while, to see if there are any really juicy fish at any particular table, or if your table is less favorable than one of the others. Then, you get on the table change list. I wouldn't spend a terribly long time checking out the other games, rather you simply take a walk around every once in a while to check for obvious signs of dollars raining from above. I like to check out neighboring games like this: When I fold on third, I immediately get up and go check out another game that is close by. I watch the action and look for signs that the game might be worth changing tables for (or NOT changing tables for). I also keep an eye on MY game, and when the dealer is shuffling for the next hand, I go back. This way, I am not losing any starting hands at my game, and I'm not hogging up my seat whilst not actually playing in the game, but I also am able to scout other games….

As for your tournament hand with the 44/J, what do you want us to say? You already chastized yourself. So that's not necessary. Was it worth getting cast out for as well? Perhaps not. Not until you paid off that flush, that is. Well, since you were "cast out" of the tournament, perhaps you can stay in "The Club" after all. 116th place was punishment enough. But look at the bright side. At least this time you didn't lose to three sevens.

Dave in Cali