View Full Version : laptop hates me

06-28-2005, 10:12 PM
i bought a little tiny laptop because i will be travling over the next 2 month (about 4 different locations). its a nice, light, tiny, hp, its all a piece of crap spec wise.

its a 1.4 celron, with 512 ram, and 60gb (im guessing 4200) hd.

the thing freezes in the middle of work. usually i have a lot going on (but nothing intense). email auto dling new messages, few trillian windows, text editors for editing code, firefox, few explorer windows open, and winamp. cant really figure out why it crashes, but if anyone has any advice (without shitting on the specs, i know its 'bad' but this is what i want) please let me know.


06-30-2005, 05:33 AM
If you mean *completely* freezes up, no response from mouse/keyboard at all, it's a hardware problem - dud memory, processor overheating, that sort of thing.

If you mean individual applications are not responding, it could be all kinds of things, start with virus and adware/spyware checks.