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06-24-2005, 03:55 AM
My computer got messed up. I thought the power supply blew so I brought it to a store to get fixed. I didnt want to be bothered buying a new one, pulling everything out with only knowing like 80% what I was doing. It was worth it to have someone else do it.

Basically it turns out it was my video card and not the power supply. The guy proceeds to tell me that it overheated (I had a GEForce 5500FX 256MB card) He then tells me that he was putting in a new card. He ends up putting in a GeForce5300 128MB card.

Now here is kicker #1. He claims my card overheated. 256MB card I originally had, has a fan built onto it. I thought it was the power supply cause on startup it made sounds like a lawn mower. It may of turned out the fan was just too dusty/dirty and it was just a lot of noise. The card he gives me has NO FAN on it. Now isnt it an issue of heating in maybe my typical model? Why give me a new card with no fan.

Kicker #2. He gives it back and the connection from XP to the ethernet card is killed. Luckily my friend guess this and gave me some winsock exe to repair it.

Kicker #3. All my casino/poker sites got deleted. All my shortcuts to Stars and Eurobet, Interpoker, and then about 20 casino sites are all gone. Stars and Eurobet are still in my program files. Interpoker/Intercasino, Fortune Lounge and others such as UB are just gone period. No shortcuts, no programs, just vanished.

What the fuk did this guy do? What I thought was saving time ended up costing me $180 for a new crappier vid card and diagnostic fee. Why are half my programs gone, and half my shortcuts gone? I heard Spybot or some [censored] like that can kill the connection between ethernet and XP. Can Spybot just eliminate casinos too?

My friend recommended me this place too.

#1 What actually happened to these programs. They made no mention of my hard drive being altered. I thought it was just the power supply, they said it was the video card and did ask me if they should put a new one in. (I was assuming it would be the same thing)

#2 I played my hand horribly on all streets so far. Whats my play now to pop this guy on the river?

06-24-2005, 07:20 AM
Yikes, I hope he didn't empty your poker accounts.

I'd tell him off at least for deleting that [censored].

06-24-2005, 07:25 AM
I work at a computer shop, and spyware/adware is a huge problem. There are a lot of non-legit casino type programs around that install themselves, and he probably deleted them without knowing they were legit, sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. I'm not justifying it, but I know I delete programs off customers computers if I feel it's for their own good, of course, I know what poker/casino software is healthy and which is not.