View Full Version : monitor help, its "out of range"

06-19-2005, 10:10 PM
so my gf apparenty wanted to change my setting on my computer to benefit her. so she goes to the properties and changes god knows what and now when my computer loads my monitor says "out of range". i rebooted it and i am currently working in the "vga mode". i tried to get my old setting back but to no avail. i tried rebooting again and it put me back at "out of range". can anyone direct me?

06-20-2005, 05:00 AM
Reboot in vga mode and confirm the settings to vga, reboot again and it should now be vga in standard mode. If not, boot in vga mode and delete the video card drivers (shouldn't be necessary) and boot in standard mode again and install the drivers again.

It could also be the update frequency she changed, then go into advanced in the settings tab on monitor properties. Click monitor and change refesh to someting lower. I would try this first.