View Full Version : Help w/ Bad beat analysis

01-09-2003, 05:40 PM
I don't bother playing the $5-10 game at our local casino because I didn't think the rake could be beaten since they started taking $1 more for the bad beat jackpot. They take 10% up to $5, but in addition to that they also take $1 out of every pot for the bad beat jackpot and it was my understanding that this was too much for even a good player to overcome. Am I mistaken? The dealers are very, very slow.

Recently the bad beat has climbed up to $48,000 and I'm wondering if it's worth playing now? If so, what's the best straegy? The qualifier is that you have to beat A's full of J's w/ a 4 of a kind and both cards in your hand have to play. There are 4 hold 'em tables at the casino which can qualify for the bad beat jackpot. If the EV isn't there w/ a jackpot of this amount, what amount would make it worth playing?

Thanks in advance