View Full Version : The Never Ending Lessons in the Valley of Patience

09-19-2001, 10:14 AM
The wandering Hold'em Player sees two Towns and a Valley. The Brokers of knowledge encourage him to take up residents in the Valley of Patience (VoP). The land in the VoP is rich with opportunity, they whisper in his ear. Work the land with patience, be selective with the seeds you sow. Have the power of your convictions and always position yourself to win. Be aggressive with your investments and wise enough to know, when to come in out of the rain. The work can be tedious, the hours of labor are long but the fruit of your efforts will be richly rewarded in the VoP.

With positive expectations the Player begins his journey in the VoP. Armed with knowledge that big cards beat little cards and most people aren't bluffing. He embraces the release and remains true to his task. He watches the field of battle and waits like a coiled rattler ready to strike when opportunity knocks. Finally the moment of truth arrives, he springs on his unsuspecting opponents and reduces them to calling stations. With the relentless force of his convictions he drives them to the rivers edge, like cattle to the slaughter.

At the river he learns the never ending lesson, "the cards have no respect for talent." From out of no where with lighting speed came a clueless resident from Any2card Town. He was an easy going maniac, who never looks before leaping. Why, because he has a horse shoe strategically placed where the sun never shines. The Players resolve from the VoP is tested, with a stiff upper lip he smiles and politely says, "Nice hand sir!" Our Player hangs tough in the VoP, he replenishes his stacks and then increase them. He maintains a marginal lead that for some would be consider a good days wage.

The minutes slip into hours and time passes in the VoP. The Hold'em Player remains true to his task in the VoP, with a firm resolve and the patience of a saint. Then another truth creeps up like a thief in the night. It's the "Never Ending, Never Learned Lesson!" Yes, this lesson can never be learned in the heat of battle. This lesson can only be acknowledged on the long lonely ride back to the stables. This lesson must be remembered in the beginning and requires diligent management. But who will manage the Manager from the VoP? Who will tell the Player the ugly truth of his folly. Surly not his opponents, for they have come to rely on his absent mindedness. They know his resolve is strong, but they also know he is a poker junkie and will be attacked by the DEMON FATIGUE. The Demon Fatigue will take the Hold'em Player from the VoP and ease him into the direction of Boarder Town. He will never know he's in BT until it's to late... In BT there is a no resolve law, a no patience law, and the Player from VoP becomes a lost emotional soul. Lost souls in BT usually become financially ruined. Then they wake up to reality but it's to late and all the effort in the VoP is lost.

SPM,...oops did it again...