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09-17-2001, 01:46 AM
Sometimes at the Hold'em table you meet interesting people. Then before you know it, you begin to socialize instead of paying attention to the game. Well it happens to all of us, I suppose and surely it's not the end of the world. The SPM met a guy by the name of John Hope at the Hold'em table Saturday, at Harrah's in East Chicago, IN. John Hope said he was born in the Valley of Patience a long time ago. He said he was so tight you couldn't get a greased bee bee up his butt. However, all evidence at the river showed that John Hope was more interested in bowel movements than playing tight and aggressive.

John Hope said he married a beautiful oriental girl when he was in the Army. Her name was Miss Ing and she wanted to keep her last name out of respect for her family. But, John being a male chauvinist hated the idea, so they compromised. She used a hyphen and is called Miss Ing- Hope. John Hope said Miss Ing-Hope has always hated his poker playing and after watching him play, the reason was obvious.

John said they were singing songs of happiness when they had their first of seven children. They named him Lou Sing Hope. John said he taught the boy everything he knew about poker. Lou Sing Hope was in the Casino and stopped by to say hi to his Dad & Mom who was sitting behind John. The kid was a real downer, he told us about nine bad beat stories. Then asked his Dad for bus fare home. John offered him some cash to get back in the game but Lou Sing Hope was to depressed.

It turns out their second child won the Lotto when he was 21. Miss Ing-Hope was listening to John, as he was telling the table how happy he was when his son won the Lotto. Miss Ing-Hope just kept shaking her head back and forth as a tear rolled down her cheek. It seems he lost it all before he was 22. She said her # 2 son No Hope was now homeless in Any2card Town (A2CT). Their next child was a girl and they named her Little Hope, she was a beautiful child. She learned to play poker on her fathers lap. She lives in a trailer park with her husband who hasn't had a job in fourteen years. But, she's their daughter and things could get better. "There's always a Little Hope," they said.

Miss Ing-Hope told the story of their fourth child, Luke Ing Four Hope. She had only wanted four kids when she got married. John knew what she wanted but had a short memory. So she gave the kid a number for a second middle name as a reminder for John Hope. She said like his father he is a poker player. He plays seven card stud in Boarder Town. His nick name is Squeeze, because Luke Ing Four Hope will always, very slowly squeezes a look at his river card.

John Hope's memory was as lame as his wife had predicted and they named their fifth child, Giv Ing Hope. He plays poker in A2CT and has a 52 card strategy. They both said he is very popular and has lots of friends in poker rooms across the country. Players who have been running bad and stuck big say there's nothing like play with a guy Giv Ing Hope. Giv works for his twin brother who owns his own very successful business. The whole Hope family calls him, Deep Pockets. He is the only Hope in the family, who doesn't play poker.

When Miss Ing Hope got pregnant with their last child. She told the Doctor to tie her tubes. John wanted to name her Last Ing Hope. But, Miss Ing Hope said it wasn't a proper name for a girl. So they named her Hope Hope. She got married last year to a guy from the orient. His name is So Less. Which of course makes her Hope Less. Well that's the Hope family, and their story. There is a moral to this story and believe it or not it has to do with Hope. When your chips are down and you've only got a very few outs. It's better to release the hand, than to play with Hope.

SPM,...took to many hands to the river with Hope...

09-17-2001, 07:52 AM
oh most mediocre of all spm....gl