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Burnt Toast
12-18-2002, 05:37 PM
I play poker seriously in card rooms, but I also play in a low limit home game just as a social activity. In the home games we play all kinds of silly games, which is fine because these guys wouldn't stand a chance playing in any kind of game that has been seriously studied. Usually I try not to think too much about their games, just so they have a sporting chance. However, they play a game called Acey Ducey (aka many other names) way too much considering how lame it is. I have decided it is time I tried to run this game out of town, by beating them to death with it. It may be the only way I can get them interested in other games. Or maybe I'll learn something in the process.

Anyway, anyone that is familiar with this game please tell me if there is anthing more complicated involved other than the strategy I have devised bellow. Keep in mind there are porbably countless variations of this game.

The game rules:
Everyone antes. One player is delt to at a time. The first player is delt 2 cards. He must then either make a bet that the next card in the deck will be in between the fisrt two cards or pass to the next player. (ex: if a K & 2 are delt you would bet, but if a 5 & 7 are delt you would pass.) If you do bet the next card is delt. Then you either pay that amount to the pot if it is outside, win that amount from the pot if it is in between, or pay double that amount if it is the same as one of the two original cards. Either way the game then proceeds to the next player who is delt two new cards. A player can bet any amount up to the equivalent of the original ante until you win a bet the size of the ante in one shot. After this happens you can then bet any amout up to the size of the pot every time the deal returns to you. This continues untill the pot runs out. LAME.

There are few additional rules, but just let me know if I have missed anything in my strategy as per the above rules.

Since there are 13 consecutive cards possible AKQJT98765432 and you pay double if your cards pair, you should bet the maximum everytime there are at least 8 possible consecutive cards in between the two you are delt. Reasoning: 8 cards will win 1 bet, 3 cards will lose 1 bet, and 2 cards will lose 2 bets, giving you an 8 to 7 advantage (8*1 to 3*1+2*2). If any less amount of cards can come in between you should not bet at all.

Here is my question. Should this ever be adjusted (assuming this is a random deck and I am not counting the cards that have been delt)

Without including additional rules, I think it may only be advantageous to bet with slightly less possible consecutive cards in between, in one spot. That is after you have won your initial ante back, and the pot is at a significant size compared to the number of other players that have not won their ante's back yet (and cannot take shots at the full pot yet). This would apply evenmore if the players in the game are overly conservative.

OK thats enough for now. Please let me know if I am missing something big.