09-14-2001, 10:48 PM
Your (and my) government failed it's obligation to to protect it's taxpaying citizens. Some HEADS SHOULD ROLL, the DAMAGE HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED, and NO AMOUNT OF RETALIATORY ACTION WILL bring back THE DEAD VICTIMS. Osama ibn Laden has been on the FBI's most wanted list, for over a year. He is a very rich man. Did your government, not have enough sense to figure-out, he may have gotten pissed-off, about being placed on the most wanted list? After all, he is not a citizen of the country, which wants to put him in THERE JAIL. Would that make you a little angry? Do you think Osama ibn Laden, is just sitting around WAITING TO BE ARRESTED? Or, do you think he might say to himself..."Hey, those Yankees are going to fu-k me up, why don't I get them first"?

You see, SHIT HAPPENS WHEN YOU MAKE THREATS (put someone on your hit list), and have no plan to follow-up on your threat.