View Full Version : NFL cancelled??

09-13-2001, 02:41 PM
I am lucky to have no immediate family members and/or friends DIRECTLY involved in the recent tragedies, and I truly feel for those who do... my question however is what good and/or bad does it do to cancel events.. namely MLB, NFL, Emmys etc.? The vast majority of Americans need to heal by continuing their lives in as normal a manner as possible. Someone who has lost a loved one will heal no faster, perhaps even would BENEFIT by the diversions of routine, everyday events continuing. Maybe this makes me a "shallow person", but I know every time MY life has been touched by tragedy, I felt much better to realise that life goes on. Comments, especially those showing me where my thought process is flawed are welcomed.


(and yes, I am aware that transportation is a problem, but when

speaking of sporting events, each team can easily get to their

destination cities with secure/private transportation).