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05-20-2005, 03:11 PM
This came up lastnight in a 50+5 on Party. Players A and B had been getting monsters and also sucked out on a few all ins to get their monster stacks. I wasn't sure what the most +ev strategy was at this point.

Blinds 100/200
Player A 4200 chip
player b 4000 chip
Hero 1000 chips
Player C 800 chips.

Is it correct to check/fold everything but AA-JJ and AK-AQ here and hope that player C just loses rather then risk getting bubbled? A and B are calling most raises so stealing is very difficult.

Part 2
After surviving to the top 3 with 800 chip stack should I push every hand preflop since I need to double up a few times before the blinds esclate again to get back in this?

05-20-2005, 03:16 PM
Part 1: You do need to be a little more selective with your hands if big stacks calling standards are loose, but I think you're being a bit too selective. If you fold everytiing, the other short stack may double up and now you've got almost no chips to work with. Play aggressive, but don't start pushing any two, as you know you'll probably get called.

Part 2: I would open up a lot here and start pushing with a wide range on the button and SB if folded to me (though doubtful given the description)