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09-12-2001, 01:51 PM
As one who has an external perspective to these events (I live in Australia) I'd like to commend everyone that has posted on this forum for the level of discussion maintained. Compare this to RGP where we get gems like:


I'm hearing a lot of talk about getting "the right ones'. This is important but it really wouldn't bother me that much if they got some of the wrong ones along with them.

I think they should give Afghanistan 24 hours to give him up or go down with him.


(The above is one of the more repeatable and moderate examples of this point of view)

This kind of talk sickens me just as much as seeing Palestinians and other Arabs celebrating this awful event on the streets. After all, it doesn't matter which Americans were killed. They're all Americans, right? This is not to say that I wouldn't support an eventual US military strike on Afghanistan. I'm saying that any talk of killing people for, say, a political belief that the United States is an evil power, or simply because they are a citizen of a certain country, angers me.

Full credit to the posters on 2+2 for embarking on the only real discussion I've seen anywhere of WHY anybody would be out on the streets celebrating.

I suppose RGP probably has a larger readership than the Other Topics forum and this would account for the extreme element, but still, the posts on this forum have been nothing short of stellar...

Sincere condolences to anyone affected personally by this tragedy, and to the nation as a whole...