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05-19-2005, 10:22 AM
For those who don't know, a Shootout Tournament is a MTT that starts out like an SNG. Each table plays till there is one man standing, then all of the winners are ITM...then they play to a winner from those remaining.

This one occured last night at Commerce Casino, $291+39 buy in. Since it plays like an SNG, I'll post the hand here.

Blinds 25/50, Level 3...all players start with t1000. Eight players left.

Hero is UTG with ~t1750
MP2 is the Button ~t850
Villain is SB with ~t1250

Hero is dealt J /images/graemlins/diamond.gifJ /images/graemlins/spade.gif

Hero raises to t175
MP2 calls t175
SB raises t1085, SB is all in.


This guy played pretty sloppy in the early going with regard to what hands he'd limp with, but he always seemed to know when he was beat post-flop. I've also seen him around the major tourneys quite a bit (WPT events etc), and he is at least semi-skilled.

MP2 was on tilt, so he could have almost anything, and i was fairly certain that he would fold.


05-19-2005, 10:30 AM
I probably call cuz of the whole winner take all type of deal. You still have 10 bb left if he beats you. If you were dominated I think he would play it a little slower. I would assume its a coinflip. This is also dependent on your table image to a large extent though too. I'm sure he is viewing the other caller much like you are and so he really only has to worry about you calling making his pushing standards a little wider.

05-19-2005, 10:41 AM
How's your play been? what range does he put you on? If he sees you as typical then I think you have a relatively easy fold here.

05-19-2005, 10:49 AM
I've stopped raising JJ UTG at a full table - but then, this is only 8 handed.

Since you raised, I fold to the allin. You are likely a big dog or a small favorite (would he do this with AT or AJ?) and there's no reason to risk your stack with only a small pot overlay and at most a small edge if you think you have a skill edge.