View Full Version : The Ultimate Weapon

09-11-2001, 08:32 PM
I think it was Steinbeck who said the mind was the ultimate weapon, all else was corollary. Today's events and some of the posts below highlight this idea. It is now being reported that at least one of the flights was hijacked with "knife-like implements." Makes sense, because I would think a ceramic knife could be made that would easily pass through a metal detector. (I think trained personnel can get a gun through a metal detector with little difficulty anyway, but they don't disclose their techniques, so I don't know.) But a few people with a cave-man level weapon carried out a horrendous attack of immense proportions. They had the mindset and desire to do this, and that is all that separates the terrorist, or murderer, or serial rapist, or whomever evil person from you and me. This idea applies to all kinds of problems, from personal defense to the gun control debate to our response to this attack to the poker table to whatever. Mindset and desire and willingness to embark on a course of action make all the difference. And many peoples' minds work in ways we don't like to acknowledge.

Y'all tell me your thoughts on this. I am going to check out the Presidential address.