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09-10-2001, 07:53 PM
The Valley of Patience (VoP) has a web site where poker players can learn the value of patience, power, and position. The web site will show the observant poker player everything he/she needs to know to win at poker. The site is located at www.watchandlearn.netwin (http://www.watchandlearn.netwin) and it's hosted by Casino's from around the world. Unfortunately, there is only one brand of computer with the ability to log onto this sight. This computer is not always user friendly when first purchased. It has software requirements that must be used daily or the programs will crash. The operating program is appropriately named Useitorloseit and the hard drive has unlimited space for storing important data. According to the manufacturer it has a one owner life time warranty. Providing the user follows all the maintenance requirements, the computer will last for decades. The manufacture says the computer has untapped power and guarantees the user that with frequent use, it will become user friendly. All purchases are final.

Logging onto the web site with this computer, the observant user will see a spider or two maybe even three spinning their webs. These spiders play the cards life deals them and they have a very high edge over their opponents. Using your computer to focus in on the action, provides the user with a birds eye view of a winning strategy. It becomes clear the first requirement to winning at poker is to have a sound web design called strategy. The web should be strong enough to hold the prey but flexible enough to with stand the strong winds of destruction.

These spiders live in the VoP. They wait patiently at the edge of their web. Because they know patience will be rewarded, when a reckless bug falls into their trap. Most of the time the bugs don't even see the spider. Their so busy jumping into the action and having fun they forget to look before they leap. When a bug leaps at the wrong time into the killing zone, the patient spider becomes aggressive and relentless. Spiders always seem to be in the right place with the necessary solution to make soup out of the bugs.

Spider's have eyes that see everything. They watch the bugs and how they play. They know when a bug is dangerous and will stay out of harms way. Bugs have foolish tendencies and the spider takes full advantage of them. But even spiders can have a run of bad luck. Should they make a wrong move, there's always some bird watching for an opportunity to snack on the spider.

Yes, this computer is a poker players dream come true. It's called the BRAIN and it's the only computer allowed in all Casino Poker Rooms. Bring it the next time you play poker but don't forget to plug it in, it's no good when the lights are out.

SPM,...play long and prosper...

09-11-2001, 02:14 PM
As usual SPM, very entertaining. Look forward to seeing you again at the Harrah's 10-20 game. I'll bring my brain, and you bring yours, and I'll try to remember to plug mine in.