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09-08-2001, 04:20 PM
Browsing Everything Vince

The Report Card...

The SPM read something on "Other Topics" concerning Vince Lepore (VL). It indicated that VL had a new forum. The SPM misunderstood and thought VL had his own poker web site. However, during a poker game at Hollywood Casino, Aurora, IL the SPM was informed, VL had his own forum on 2+2. How cool is that thought the SPM. So the SPM decided to browse the forum to see what all the fuss was about.

Reading posts from August 29, 2001 to September 7, 2001 took some time. When one reads at mph, with a retention of 2.50. (Retention rated from 1-10 with ten being full retention). The overall look of the forum was similar to Other Topics. The forum headed by the legendry VL was a selection of posts covering appointments to meet the one and only VL at casino's around the country. It included a manners section on how to sneeze at the poker table, also a very comprehensive heads up formula that was over the heads of most mortal poker players. The forum Head Liner VL even went to another forum and grabbed an interesting post to help expand posting subjects on his forum.

Some posts by the super star himself included, one post which re-phased a line from the movie Patton. Who said while beating Rummel, in a battle in Africa, "I read your book!You..." VL was talking about how easy Slansky is to read in a poker game, because everyone has read his books. Another post concerning lost but not found hats belonging to VL and hat gifts to VL. A Poster other than VL, even posted of sad good bye to a posters handle and one poster wanted to know who VL was and how did he rate his own forum.

The Everything Vince forum, showed that VL has lots of loyal friends, and he is very popular. but something is missing. The occasional post that challenged VL on some level, went un-answered. At best the letter f was used for an uninspired response from VL. The name of this forum should probably be change to "Everyone Loves Vince." The Head Liner VL has created a Disney version of Other Topics.

What is missing from this forum is the real VL. The VL we know, love and respect has been deleted from this forum. Where is the biting comments full of sarcasm and wit. Where is the crusader who lets no stone un-turned in the search for his own personal perception of the truth. No slam dunks to poster who challenge this former legend known as VL.

Receiving his own forum has unfortunately taken the sting out of his posts. He has been turned into Mr Congeniality a very sorry state of affairs. Fortunately he can correct the problem and put some zing into his forum, he has the talent. What 2+2 doesn't need is another Other Topic look a like.

SPM,...bring back the real VL...

09-08-2001, 08:31 PM
poor vince who was the security guard for all of us, thought he got promoted to the greeter, but found he could not handle all the extra responsibility. so he has tried to be mr. friendly(about face). however on one of the other forums he does regress back to his old self with his penis infatuation. maybe some day he will return as normal.:)

09-09-2001, 02:17 AM
He crashed and burned Zee!!!! U give a dicktator to much to work with and he doesn't know how to use IT!!!!

Scalpel Plz!!!!

09-09-2001, 02:18 AM

09-09-2001, 02:39 AM
...Feeney style, eh Paul? Pass the scalpel?

And so the three "double e" posters took care of another thread.

09-09-2001, 07:21 AM
Well, you didn't quite take care of another thread.