View Full Version : Any hand more 50/50 than 55 vs KJs?

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but i think you meant to exclude these.

05-13-2005, 05:58 PM
55 wins 50.1966% against KJs, averaged over both arrangements of suits. That's not particularly close. 55 wins 50.0254% against KJs when there is no suit in common. Perhaps that is what you meant.

44 wins 50.0232% against JTo with no suits in common. That is slightly closer.

There are a few possible sources of pairs of hands close to 50%, such as pocket pairs versus connected overcards and low suited connectors versus low garbage hands. You can investigate them systematically using Two Dimes or PokerStove, but I won't bother. If you count the possibilities of hands that should be between 48-52 and 52-48, then divide 2% by the number, and you get a rough indication of how close to 50-50 you would expect some hand to be.

05-13-2005, 07:40 PM
This web page (http://www.archduke.demon.co.uk/caro6/index.html) by Alexander Selby says that this question was posed by Mike Caro in 1997, and the closest preflop matchup is ATs vs 33, .007% advantage to the pockets if one of the threes is the same suit as the A-T.

See the same page for a discussion of how to find the closest nontrivial three-way matchup, for a few different definitions of "nontrivial."

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