View Full Version : After flop odds of a straight.

05-11-2005, 05:53 AM
A friend of mine brought up a good point that I used to over look.....

the odds of flopping a flush are aboutt 110 to 1 in hold'em but if 3 suited cards fall.... then the odds that someone does have a flush if...

You hold 0 of the suit is 23 to 1.
You hold 1 of the suit is 29 to 1.
You hold 2 of the suit is 38 to 1.

For the math part on 0 hearts I'll show how I did it.

52 cards minus the 3 board cards = 49 cards.
49 cards minus the 2 non heart cards = 47 cards left in the deck.

10 hearts are left in the deck.

(10/47) * (9/46) = 23 to 1

Now the trick part is this, i'm trying to figure out what the odds are that my opponent has flopped a straight with say a flop of 8 9 T.

There are many ways a straight can be flopped with JQ,J7,67.

How do I figure these odds out because the math is getting tricky for me?

Thanks in advance.


05-11-2005, 09:08 AM
Should just come down to odds of holding Q-J, J-7 or 6-7 with knowledge of three cards. There's 16 combinations of each, a total of 48. There's 49 C 2 card combinations that you can hold. (49 * 48)/(2!) or 1176. I'd say 48/1176 (4% or 23.5-to-1) that, knowing the flop will be 10-9-8, you'll have two cards that will flop the straight. If someone holds a J (and you don't know their other card), just change the number of combinations from 48 to 44.